A phrase that has characterized much social-scientific debate. Does “structure” (the routinized regulations of kinship and marriage, work and reproduction, of race, class and gender) determine history, or is it the “agency” of fully conscious, independently acting, individuals?

Structure, Verses, Agency Fine Books isn’t going to solve the debate, but we’ll offer you lots of all three. Versus to verses—we specialize in fine, rare and collectible books, from the American Civil War and county histories to poetry and art, literature and ethnography to fine bindings and Americana, Judaica and erotica to graphic design and artistic traditions from around the world.

Structure. Verses. Agency.

Fine works about Art, Culture & History

The man behind the books: Lawrence Hammar

Lawrence Hammar (aka/Mahala Okenemepa) was born in Anniston, Alabama, but raised in Salem, Oregon, and lived for long stretches throughout the Portland, Oregon, area. He attended graduate school in cultural anthropology in New York, and earned his PhD in 1996 on the strength of his ethnographic fieldwork on sexual networking and sexual violence in Papua New Guinea, where he has lived and worked for years. He has also conducted field research in Fiji. His personal-intellectual interests include Melanesia, gender studies, qualitative research methods, feminist theory, mystery genres of fiction, and the American Civil War. He is married (twice!) to the love of his life, Cassandra Lee (nee Guzo), and looks forward to someday living in Oregon again. He has been selling books since 2009, first as Log Cabin Books, then as Blue Jacket Books, and now: Structure, Verses, Agency Fine Books.